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The TDS down the hole drill rig is driven by the Cummins China stage III diesel engine and the two-terminal output can drive the screw compression system and hydraulic transmission system. It is capable of drilling φ90-125mm vertical, inclined and horizontal holes, mainly used for open-pit mine, stonework blast holes and pre-splitting holes. The drill rig is equipped with the automatic rod handling system and lubricating module of drilling rod, resulting in one operator and fewer mining operations. The main control action is integrated to one handle, typical of user-friendliness. It is equipped with the anti-jamming system and optional drilling angle and depth indication are available, thus simplifying drilling and improving the drilling quality. The efficient dust-collecting system, spacious cab, high-powered air-conditioner and quality stereo system provide ideal conditions for operations, contributing to the highest working efficiency.

Products Details

Product overview * Full hydraulic control, be convenient and flexible: Drilling speed, torque, axial pressure, anti-axial pressure, propulsion speed and speed can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of different drilling tools and different construction techniques * Top drive rotary drilling: easy to install and remove the drill rod, shorten the auxiliary time, and fasten the drilling of follow-pipe. * Multi-function drilling: A variety of drilling processes can be used on this rig, such as: DTH drilling, mud drilling, roller cone drilling, drilling with the follow-pipe and the being developed core drilling, etc. This drilling machine can be installed, according to user needs, mud pump, generator, welding machine, cutting machine. Meanwhile, it also comes standard with a variety of winch. * High working efficiency: thanks to full hydraulic and top drive rotary drilling, this drilling rig is adapt to a variety of drilling technology and drilling tools, has convenient and flexible control, fast drilling speed, short auxiliary time, and thus high operating efficiency. * Low cost: drilling on the rock is dominated by DTH drilling technology, DTH hammer rock drilling operation is high efficiency, drilling cost of per meter is lower. * High leg crawler type: high leg is easy for loading and unloading, no need of crane in truck loading. Crawler walking is more adapt to the movement in muddy field. * The role of the oil mist: drilling on the rock is dominated by DTH drilling technology, DTH hammer rock drilling operation is high efficiency, lubricated impactor has longer service life, drilling cost of per meter is lower. * Scope of application: Suitable for workers, people drilling, geothermal drilling, with compact structure, fast drilling speed, movable and flexible, wide geographical application advantages. Especially be suitable for water extraction in mountainous and rock formations. Specification
Rig model ZGYX-415
Rated power 58KW
Drill pipe size Φ60*3000MM
Hole range Φ90-115mm
Rotation torque 1850N.M
Rotation speed 0-110RPM
Feed force  15KN
Pull up force 25KN
Tramming speed 2.5KW/H
Gradient 25
Weight 4200KG
Size 4900*2000*2200MM
DSC_0267 Packing packing

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